Taking Multi-Vitamins May Reduce Your Risk Of Dying From Cancer

multivitaminThe best source of micronutrients is from whole food, however it is often challenging to consume enough of these in our busy lives unless you eat high quality food every day.

Therefore, I encourage many of my patients to take a high quality multivitamin (often combined with other essential micronutrients).  

Although studies have not shown that taking a multivitamin reduces the risk of developing cancer, a new study suggests that taking them after a breast cancer diagnosis may reduce the risk of dying from cancer by 30%.

If you eat lots of high quality food every day (you’ll also want to mix it up each day so you consume a variety of different healthful compounds), you may not need any micronutrient support. An integrative oncology consultation can help you decide what’s appropriate for you.

These Are My Favorite Multivitamins For Men & Women:

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About Brian D. Lawenda, M.D.

I am an integrative oncologist. I trained at Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Medical School) in radiation oncology and through Stanford-UCLA (Helms Medical Institute) in medical acupuncture. I am the founder of IntegrativeOncology-Essentials.

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